• DocStar ECM

    Securely Manage Content Through Its Entire Lifecycle

    DocStar Enterprise Content Management (ECM), an Epicor solution, is a scalable, strategic cloud-based tool that allows you to manage all of your content securely—from capture to destruction.

    • Cut costs while improving productivity across your organization
    • Empower and energize interdepartmental collaboration
    • Improve content visibility to drive faster, smarter decision-making
    • Build better relationships with customers, vendors, and employees by providing quick answers to questions
    • Eliminate manual document management processes with ERP system integration

    Flexible, Scalable Solutions Deliver the Highest Return on Investment

    Regulatory compliance and business growth demand flexibility and scalability that basic document management systems (DMS) cannot support. Cloud-based DocStar ECM delivers better content management and productivity for an impressive ROI.

    • Capture and manage text, PDF, e-mail, video, HTML, and more
    • Increase accessibility and collaboration from anywhere
    • Process content quickly and efficiently with automated workflows

    All the Features You Need Without the Complexity

    With a robust, easy-to-use ECM tool, your teams can work smarter rather than harder. DocStar ECM lets you:

    • Import any file, from any device, anywhere in the world
    • Automatically extract and store key data with intelligent data capture
    • Create automated workflows to route documents to the right place
    • Track revisions in real time with version control
    • Apply records retention policies
    • Quickly find and retrieve files
    • Apply robust security standards for privacy and compliance
  • DocStar ECM Capabilities
    Full Integration

    DocStar ECM is fully integrated with Epicor ERP and Prophet 21

    Mobile Content Capture

    Capture content from any device—MFP, smartphone, tablet, or computer—in any location around the world

    Intelligent Data Capture

    Automatically extract key data to classify, match against support documents, eliminate errors, and save keystrokes

    Automated Workflow

    Create workflows with an easy-to-use design tool to automatically route documents to the right place

    Version Control

    Track revisions for version control in real-time with content check-in/check-out

    Document Retention

    Automatically enforce document retention and records management policies.

    Fast, Accurate Retrieval

    Find content the content you need in just seconds through multiple search capabilities

    Flexible Deployment

    Choose cloud or on-premises implementation for this smart web-based solution


    Limit access to content with user-based permissions to ensure security, privacy, and compliance

    Electronic Forms

    Design forms that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, at any time

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